Locations of our Liberta Apartments

mapa dojazdu do Apartamentów na Mazurach Liberta

Liberta Apartments are located in Masuria, which is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland.

To provide our guests with maximum peace and access to nature, we located our apartments 105 meters from the shore of Lake Szeląg in Stare Jabłonki.

There are also beautiful, healthy forests and many attractions in the vicinity of Liberta Apartments, which we present in more details in the attractions tab.

We guarantee that the place where our apartments are located will stay in your memory forever.

GPS location: 53°42’12.1″ N i 20°04’40.8″ E

Why Lake Szeląg?

First of all, it is a Natura 2000 site, so it is exceptionally clean, calm and well-kept.

Secondly, Lake Szeląg is connected to the lake in Ostróda, Lake Jeziorak, and even The Baltic Sea, Gdańsk or Malbork with the unique worldwide system of canals.

Thirdly, the fauna of the Lake Szeląg. It is rich in many species of fish, and the coastlines of the lake are inhibited by many species of birds, including cormorants.

This is where our Liberta Apartments are located in Masuria.

And why Masuria?
Hmm, it needs no explanation!